Why is my Galaxy watch Battery Draining so Fast?

There are several reasons why is your Samsung Galaxy Watch battery draining so fast, including running background apps, high brightness, outdated software, using low-quality charging cables and more.In this article, we will discuss what you can do if your Samsung Galaxy watch battery is draining so fast.

Benfits of having smart watch:

Today,In the world of technology, everyone wishes to have a smartwatch. It can connect to their phone, and they can be hands-free for calls. Smartwatches are not only a fashion trend; people also like to wear them for their status. And people prefer Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. They are affordable and do many things. Samsung has a variety of designs and features.

Second, everyone is fitness conscious. But, they do not want to carry a stethoscope on a jogging track to listen to their heartbeat. They also do not want to hire a person who counts every step. It is easy to wear a band or smartwatch on the wrist. We can get the health checkup done through Samsung smartwatches in a blink. With these smartwatches, we can check our pulse rate and step counts regularly without any Hassle.But, Samsung smartwatches have a problem. Their battery drains fast and does not last long. Here are some tips that you can do if your Galaxy watch battery is draining so fast.

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samsung galaxy watch benefits

Why is my Galaxy Watch Battery Draining so Fast:

In this era of technology, Everyone wants to buy wearable technology because it has become an integral part of our lives. The Samsung Galaxy Watch, with its sleek design and advanced features, is a popular choice for many users. but it is a common issue that users encounter battery draining so fast.

1: All-time connection with the internet:

All-time connection with the internet makes smartwatch rapid battery drain.A mobile connects a smartwatch to the internet or Wi-Fi at all times. This means that you are getting many notifications. Mobile updates are coming on smartwatches which use power and also to check heartbeat. Hence, the Samsung smartwatch battery drains rapidly.
Use the internet only when needed. Manage or change apps in settings. And not “ON” voice assistant all the time.

2:OFF power saving mode is also cause of dying battery

“OFF” power saving mode is also a cause of dying battery.People who are fond of high brightness do not turn the watch “ON” to power saving mode. It makes the Samsung smartwatch battery not last for long hours. To fix Samsung smart watch battery life turn “ON” power saving mode.

3: Background apps also cause galaxy watch battery draining so fast:

Background apps  cause galaxy watch battery draining so fast:

Background apps make the short battery life of Samsung smartwatches. Samsung’s smartwatches drain power when apps are alive. This happens because they are connected to your smartphone. So, they are constantly receiving data. This data creates smartwatch battery performance issues. If the smartwatch is all time connected to Wi-Fi it wakes up the smartwatch screen for notifications. So, go to setting and manage notifications and use a net when needed. Only use workable apps and delete unused apps.

4: Software Update:

Software Update helps to increase Samsung smartwatch battery life. Not updating software for a long time makes Samsung smartwatches slow. So, they consume more power and make the battery die. Always welcome the notification on system updates. When you update the system, it is easy to run apps and reduce the chances of battery drain.

5: Low-quality charging cable is the main cause of losing battery:

Using a low-quality cable to charge a Samsung smartwatch is also a cause of battery draining fast. It makes the Samsung smart watch battery drain so fast. Always buy high-end quality cables and accessories for smartwatches.

Always use the same brand of smartphone and accessories. For a Samsung smartwatch, connect it to a Samsung smartphone and charger. Use Samsung accessories.

6:Screen brightness can also make Galaxy watch battery draining so fast:

Screen brightness can also make premature battery discharge. The high resolution and brightness of smartwatches also create battery performance issues. To make Samsung Galaxy smartwatches last longer, keep the screen medium-bright. Or, use power saving mode.
It is recommended to turn off the auto brightness. This feature drains the battery and turning off auto brightness will store the power

Screen high brightness make Galaxy watch battery draining so fast:

7:Turn off GPS Location to save battery drain:

Turn off GPS Location also a good option to save battery drain. Turn off GPS when you are not traveling. It will also save battery and make it last longer. If GPS service remains “ON” on your smartwatch, it will drain the excess power of the smartwatch.

8:Smart charging habits can extend battery life:

Smart charging habits can extend battery life, The charging cycle is also important for the smartwatch battery. It increases battery life. Filling a battery with energy from zero to one hundred percent is called charging.
You can complete it in stages or all at once. When the battery is fully charged, it is one cycle. Every brand of smartwatch battery has a specific charging cycle. It saves power and keeps the smartwatch from draining fast. For example, if Samsung smartwatch batteries last 500 charging cycles, we can save the battery. We can do this by adjusting charging, for example, by not letting the battery go to zero. Charge when it is 20% and left when it is 80% or fully charged. By doing this you can ditch the charging cycle count which starts from 0 to 100. If your Samsung smartwatch connects to a Samsung smartphone, you become part of the Samsung Member app. There, you can check your smartwatch battery by doing a diagnostic.

9:excess data can cause of Galaxy battery draining so fast:

Delete old or unneeded data from a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. This action helps increase the chances of battery health and battery life.Apps work lightly and don’t harm the battery.


Extreme heat and cold make the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch’s battery perform poor. The smartwatch will be safe if you do not put it in any place. Also, avoid smartwatches from water.


To fix Samsung Galaxy watch battery draining so fast, use the methods above to extend battery life. It will show your smartwatch when you use voice assistant, navigation, or jogging. It is best to have our phones, earbuds, cables, and power banks made of the same brand as our watches. If we keep the same brand, we can make things last longer. This extends the life of smartwatches and other accessories. Finally, if you have done this if your smartwatch battery still bothers you, replace it with the newest Samsung smartwatch or contact Samsung support

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